Website Redesign

Anita Holland Interiors just launched a redesigned website, our fourth website launch over the course of 14 years. The original website for Anita Holland Interiors was launched in 2000 as a co-project between my son and one of his college buddies. In conjunction with the original website launch, as an avenue to communicate with clients, friends, and fellow professionals, I created “From Anita’s Desk” and sent newsletters by email to clients, friends and associates as well as to a growing list of readers who requested to receive the newsletter. Back then the concept of a BLOG barely existed, Facebook was four years away from being founded, Google was two years old, and the concept of Social Media was non-existent as we know it today. If you wanted to communicate with clients, friends, and colleagues you did it through a website, phone calls, and emails.

Just as trends have changed in the world of interior design the Internet has drastically changed the way we communicate. Today, “From Anita’s Desk” is in the form of a blog post on our website and the times for only sending out information through a newsletter are long gone. If someone wants to keep up with you or your business they do it by following you, searching for you, liking you, and sharing with you. The earlier “From Anita’s Desk” received comments in emails, phone calls, or a casual conversation at the grocery store. Instead of liking or sharing something people would let me know directly. “I really like the Interview by Liz Hughes with you and Meriwether.” “Could you outline a typical design process for a project – I have never used an Interior Designer before?”

I’m really proud of our redesigned website and the numerous ways that Anita Holland Interiors has leveraged and adapted to the ever-changing digital landscape. It takes a small army to manage and stay on top of an undertaking like this. I’m grateful for the clients that I have and the projects that I’ve had the fortune of working on and I think that both the work that we’ve done on the redesigned website and the portfolio of our firm speaks for themselves. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Having said that and with the launch of our new website, I would like to share one of our most popular newsletters from a 2011 ‘From Anita’s Desk’ entitled “Can You Buy Good Taste?