Believe it or not, 'Tis the Season

Now is the time to be thinking about any interior design projects that you want to have completed before the holidays. The interior design industry is at full throttle with the current state of the economy after experiencing a lull post recession. Back orders for many products continue to be a problem, which is a surprise, given the economic revival we have witnessed. Perhaps the manufacturers are still skeptical about the rebound, but nonetheless, there is no better way to avoid dealing with deadlines than starting the design process now. There are occasions where I can find a substitute for an item, but generally the first choice remains the best choice and I advise the client to be patient and wait it out.

A common scenario - a family comes to me at the beginning of the school year with grand ambitions to redo certain things in their house before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Unfortunately, on most of those occasions I have to inform the client that their project can't be completed before the holidays. If you want to have your home looking a certain way before then, now is the time to start thinking about it.